Understanding the definition of Web Design

Although people talk about media push and web design all the time, there are many who are unable to differentiate between web design and web development. Although both occupations have responsibilities that appear similar, there are striking differences between them. 

What is web design?

He term ‘design’ is used to refer to the process of coming up with ideas, aesthetically arranging them and then using certain principles to implement them. Web design is a similar process only that the intention is to present the content for users through electronic web pages. The users access the content through the internet using a web browser.

Principles of web design

A web designer uses the same principles as any other designer would use. The aim is to come up with a layout that is easy on the eye and at the same time user friendly. Here are some of the principles:

(1) Emphasis 

The most important elements of the whole website layout are intentionally highlighted. This is achieved by the use of different colours and fonts among others.

(2) Layout unity

The various elements of the layout and content have to relate seamlessly. The viewer has to be able to find the information he or she seeks at a glance.

(3) Compatibility

A well designed web page has to function properly on different operating systems and web browsers. This is especially great in order to boost the website’s viewership. 

(4) Interactive

A good website aims to allow for active user involvement. This can be achieved by incorporating opinion polls and comment boxes into the design.

(5) Navigation

The purpose of a website is for users to be able to browse and search with ease. The menus and all the other navigation tools have to be created with this in mind.

Web development

A web developer on the other hand is a software developer of sorts. He is mainly concerned with ensuring that the website functions properly. He takes the created designs and builds a fully-fledged website.

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