What are the major issues in web solution development?

What are the major issues in web solution development? What challenges do web developers face?

The first major challenge is the rise of mobile devices. Adobe Flash has to be removed from websites, while any other solutions for multi-media have to take the slower load times and smaller screens mobile users have into account. This is why drop down menus are being replaced with a few large buttons or options on a home page, while map capsules and addresses show up prominently on homepages.

You can’t use redirects for mobile users anymore, either, without the risk they’ll bounce off the page and never come back, and that hurts your search engine results ranking. You do need to use HTML5 or update your site to that standard to become “device agnostic”, capable on running on any mobile device or PC.

Another challenge web developers face is the changing nature of search engine optimization. The reliance of search engines on social media sharing as an indicator of quality content means developers are asked to put social media sharing buttons on nearly all pages. Web developers face other changes like the replacement of alphanumeric links with URLs that include the title of the content, meta tags that aren’t registered as spammy and careful use of headers. Search engine penalties for hidden text can come back to bite web designers by accident, such as when all image files used on a page have the same name except for a different number at the end or the text under the picture is simply too small.

JavaScript and Java applets to try to run code within a web page are a source of consternation. If you lack rich interactive content, your site may be seen as behind the times. If the rich content or in-page functions like calculators ever error out, you look bad.

Comments sections are a challenge for web designers. If you have one, your site can get hit with spammy links that hurt its SEO. Leave the comments in, and someone has to come back and turn off the links in the spammy comments. Remove the comments section, and users may get mad that they don’t have the ability to give you feedback – and the website is no longer automatically counted as updated due to the commenting activity.

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